Avans Privacy

I use private devices at Avans

When working at an Avans location it is safest to use one of the Avans computers. These computers have been properly secured and therefore have more access than private devices. You may connect your private devices to the Eduroam Wi-Fi network.


The Avans Wi-Fi network detects devices that knowingly or unknowingly spread viruses. These devices are placed in quarantine and will be unable to access the network. You are responsible for securing your devices, but the ICT Support Desk at your location will help you to ensure that your laptop is free of viruses. Once your laptop has been cleaned, you’ll be able to access the network again.


You may not save Avans documents on your private devices. These can be saved on your personal H: drive. Read more about this under ‘I want to save personal data in a document’.

Instructions for connecting to Eduroam.