Avans Privacy

Avans account

Your Avans account is intended for your own personal use. You are responsible for ensuring that only you can access this account. With access to your account, another person can cause damage to documents and systems, leak data or cause other problems. So, never share your account with others.

Here are some tips about how to keep your account private:

Create a password

  • Use a strong password containing upper and lower case letters, numbers and punctuation marks.
  • Do not include any words from the dictionary, your name or other personal information that may be traced back to you. Such a password is easy to crack.
  • A passphrase is often much stronger than a password. The more characters that are used, the better your password is.
  • Vary your entire password, so don’t just use a number sequence.
  • Do not use a password that you use elsewhere. If one of those places does not have its security in order, you can be hacked everywhere.

Remember your password

  • Use a password manager if you need to remember many different passwords. These programs safely create strong passwords and store them in an encrypted form. All you have to do is remember the password of the password manager.
  • Do not write the password on a piece of paper that can easily get lost. If you write it down at all, make sure that it’s not clear that it’s a password and what it’s the password for.

Other tips

  • Public Wi-Fi networks that do not require a password, such as those on trains, are not secure. Anyone can create a network with the same name and so gain access to your data.
  • Never open attachments and links in suspicious e-mails. Always first critically asses the sender, the subject and the use of language of the e-mail. Read more about phishing.
  • On haveibeenpwned.com you can fill in your e-mail address and check whether your accounts linked to that e-mail address have ever been the victim of a data breach. If this is the case, it means that the password for that account has been leaked. Do not use this password again. You can also consider using a new e-mail address.