Avans Privacy

Safely studying at Avans

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I use private devices at Avans

When working at an Avans location it is safest to use one of the Avans computers. These computers have been properly secured. Lees verder

My facility card

Your facility card is the property of Avans. You are responsible for the use of your card, so always keep it safely with you. Continue reading about your Avans facility ... Lees verder

Avans account

Your Avans account is intended for your own personal use. You are responsible for ensuring that only you can access this account. Lees verder

I have to print something

Never print out personal data unless it is absolutely necessary. Remain with the printer until printing has been completed. Lees verder

My print job has stalled

A printer may become jammed or fail halfway through a print job. If you were printing sensitive data, cancel the job. Lees verder

I found a printout belonging to another person

You've found another person's printout which contains personal or company data. Don’t leave it lying around but return it to the person concerned. Lees verder